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junior rugby

Our mission is to develop our players to their highest potential in a positive environment while encouraging discipline, commitment, integrity and honor both on and off the pitch. We strive to ensure that each player will be able to have fun, make new friends, experience the unique culture of rugby, and learn about participating positively in a team sport.


Rugby players come in all shapes, sizes and skill levels, so there is a spot for everyone. When you join a rugby club you are joining an organization that you can be a member of for life. We welcome all who enjoy the game and would like to try it for the first time. Contact us for details.

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  • Each member will be responsible for completing 2 volunteer shifts or 1 bingo. 

  • Registration will require each member to sign up for a bingo. Please let us know if you would like a volunteer position instead of a bingo shift(

  • Each member will need to supply a $200 volunteer deposit check which will be returned or shredded once commitments are completed.

  • Volunteer Opportunities:

    • Bingos

    • Coaching 

    • Team Managers

    • Volunteer Coordinators

    • Fundraiser Coordinators 

    • Special Event Planner

    • Work Parties

    • Junior Committee

  • Contact Junior Directors if you would like a volunteer position.


In an effort to keep rugby affordable Each member U7-U15 will be required to sell 1 case of World’s Finest Chocolate Almonds.

U5, U16 and U18 families are welcome to utilize this fundraiser to reduce their registration costs,

When registering this year you will have 2 options, 1st will include the cost of the case of almonds and the 2nd will be the opt-out cost of $60


Option 1 = $90 for a case of chocolate almonds.  The $90 is fully recoverable if you sell all.  If families wish to sell additional cases the cost of the second (or subsequent) case is $60 (so the selling family would make and keep a $30 profit per additional case sold)


Option 2 = $60 opt out of this initiative for those families who do not want to sell chocolates.


Almond distribution will happen in mid April.. 


  • Please note refunds will only be granted if a player has not participated in any games and has attended 2 or less practices. Refunds are  subject to a non-refundable administration fee.

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