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Our Team.

Volunteers are a critical part of our success. At the Nor'Westers, we are passionate about rugby and dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all players. Our board positions are key roles in the club's leadership, helping to make strategic decisions and guide our club to success. We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team, bringing their unique skills and experience to help us grow and thrive. Join us in making the Nor'Westers a premier rugby destination and help us create memorable experiences for all of our players.


VP Athletics

VP Facilities



Director, Mens Rugby

Director, Womens Rugby

Director, Junior Rugby

U5-U11 Rugby

U13-U15 Rugby

U17-U19 Rugby

Director, Alumni

Director, MTRS

Director, Gaming

Director, Social

Member at Large

Member at Large

Member at Large

Kelly Pawlik

Jeff Berg

Dave Demers

Mike Walchuk

Position Open

Anthony (Tony) Kovacic

Maria Fletcher

Josh Caswell

Alyssa Rose-Arnold

Position Open

Position Open

Mike Payette

Al Hancock

Position Open

Shelby Vadnais & Dan Nguyen

Dave George

Stan Dilworth

Shelly Walchuk

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