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Established in 1974, the Nor'Westers Athletic Association offers sports and recreation programs to the Edmonton Region (ages 3 through 65). 

Spring/summer programs include men’s, women’s, youth (under 5’s to under 18’s) rugby. Winter activities include hockey, wrestling, and fitness activities. Recreation, family, and social events are held throughout the year. Nor’Wester members have represented Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada as athletes, coaches, and administrators at events across Alberta, Canada, and around the world. Since inception the Nor’Westers have been active in hosting; city wide, provincial, national, international events/tours. At home and abroad via careers and through sport and recreation, we take great pride in promoting Edmonton and Alberta to the world. We are very proud to celebrate 45 years of excellence, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and competitive spirit in Alberta.

The Nor'Westers take their name from the culturally diverse group of entrepreneurs who formed the Northwest Trading Company. In the 1700s, men such as Alexander McKenzie and their guides, trapped and traded for furs while exploring and charting the Canadian Northwest establishing forts and the first settlements in Alberta over two hundred years ago. Many of these individuals formed the fur brigades that annually transported furs and goods by canoe across the country. Our crest and logo honour the fur-hatted trader/explorers and their native guides on a canoe voyage through forests and mountains on a Northwest River. Our enterprise and adventures honours their spirit.


As a result of the City of Edmonton’s reassignment of our land lease in 1999, the Nor’Westers have developed and continue to develop a new facility located at the new Ivor Dent Sports Park located at the corner of Ellerslie Road and 50th Street, just off Anthony Henday Drive. The Ivor Dent Sports Park is operated in partnership with three additional sporting organizations, Edmonton Minor Soccer Association, MTRS Club Soccer Society and the Punjab United Sport & Heritage Association, and the City of Edmonton. The site will host local practices and games as well as a wide range of tournaments on a municipal, provincial, national and international scale.

Nor'Westers History

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